White Cross

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Formerly known as “The White Cross,” the place is now known as Via Dolorosa at Pinagmisahan St., Antipolo City. The grotto-like hill is now a very spectacular pilgrim site where regular masses and “alay-lakads” are held.On top of Pinagmisahan Hills are the enormous White Cross and the outsized image of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Life-sized images of the station-of-the-cross can be seen along the way to the top of the hill which sacredly reflects the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. (“Antipolo the Pilgrimage City”, 2010)

Jan (2011) point out that all images of Jesus and his Apostles and other characters are man size, nicely sculptured and painted. Aside from that it is a beautiful garden on the slopes of a hill with some nice views of Manila and surroundings. Many trees, plants and birds can be seen there.

Stations are also places where people take time to think about Jesus as he went to die on a cross. They are “Stations of the Cross.” They show us how much Jesus loves us, as I have known there are 15 Stations of the Cross and whatever you decide, Jesus is with you and he loves you. This is my favorite in all the tourist spots in Antipolo because this place is very sacred and quiet. I will not forget my experience there, the life-sized images that I saw there. Even though I got tired of walking just to see the White Cross on the top of the hill I felt happy because I have given the opportunity to saw the beauty of Via Dolorosa/White Cross.

It is quiet place where you can reminisce and pray for personal intentions. When you go there it’s like you’re in heaven because it’s like you’re near in the heaven and you can even shout your prayers for Him. While we are walking, my uncle said to me that whisper all my wishes and he will grant it. So I whispered all of my wishes and I believe that he will grant all my wishes someday. 

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